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Becoming a Committee Person is an excellent way to get involved with the Party. The following details some guidelines on expectations for Committee Persons in Clarion County.  If you're interested in becoming involved as a Committee Person, or would like to find out more information, please contact us at


1. Attempt to expand the base of the party workers in your precinct by enlisting the help of family and fellow Democratic friends. Hold formal or informal meetings such as coffees and/or picnics. Develop telephone and internet contacts. Use any other method that you are comfortable with to increase participation in Party activities. The Executive Committee will provide current membership lists to each Committeeperson and will attend your function if at all possible.

2. Using your expanded list of party workers, attempt to recruit volunteers for circulating petitions, place and remove political signs, and perform Election Day duties.

3. The Clarion County Democratic Party will hold Fall and Spring dinners or breakfasts and a Holiday Open House. These are our only official fundraising efforts. The Executive Committee would greatly appreciate your active participation. Please use your expanded precinct list to bring others to these events. 

4. Please contribute information to be used in the website regarding any Party activities in your precinct. We should recognize any awards, graduations, anniversaries and other significant accomplishments of our members or their families.

5. Please notify the Party Chairman of the deaths of any party members. We want to be able to send condolences. This will prevent us from sending invitation letters to deceased members.

6. Suggest dinner speakers, dinner locations, and assist in recruitment of candidates to County, Township, and Borough offices.

7. Assist the Executive Committee in filling vacancies by suggesting candidates for Committee people in those precincts where vacancies exist.

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