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The Democratic State Committee is the governing body of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Founded in 1792, the Committee is responsible for directing and promoting the guiding principles and core values of the institution.


The PADSC, whose members are elected to four-year terms meets three times each year. They elect a Chair, members of the Executive Board, hold nominating conventions for statewide candidates, pass and promote a platform, pass resolutions, and perform other party business. Under the Chair, the professional staff raises money and coordinates strategies to elect Democrats up and down the ballot across the Commonwealth.


Right-wing conservatives have increasingly focusing their reactionary agenda on state politics, the PADSC ensures that we are always ready for Republican attacks. The PADSC is an essential component of our statewide messaging and campaign infrastructure. We firmly believe that our campaign work makes a difference in promoting Democratic candidates and causes in the face of right-wing extremism, and the PADSC is a big part of making that happen.


Clarion County is represented by Committeewoman Stephanie White who attends meetings of the State Committee three times per year.

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