This past year I have had the opportunity to get to know our new State Democratic Party Chairman, Marcel Groen. He has given new life to the organization and his message to all is to vote local and contest every available office. Marcel has been very successful in recruiting candidates and our Northwest Caucus is the poster child for success. Fourteen members of the Northwest Caucus (including our Joe Billotte) won write-in positions for the November ballot. There is a reason for this success. First is the power of Marcel’s personality, but second is that the current Pennsylvania House has been a complete failure in so many respects. From the disastrous votes for Corbett’s budgets, which has led to 5 or 6 reductions in our bond rating, to the presentation to Governor Wolf of a fifth Corbett budget. Maybe the children of the House members don’t go to public school.

Recently my friend Joe Billotte sent a fundraising request to his many friends and fellow Democrats. I know that this seems to be a David and Goliath story but we all need to get together and give our David (Joe) a few better weapons than a mere slingshot. Please help us financially and with boots on the ground. If you did not receive a letter, we welcome any help that you can provide. Joe’s address is:

Committee to Elect Joe Billotte

63 Chestnut Ridge Drive

Clarion, Pa 16214


Bill Miller, Clarion County Chair

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