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Billotte Named Chair of Clarion County Democratic Party

Clarion businessman Joe Billotte has been named Chair of the Clarion County Democratic Party.

Billotte, 52, succeeds Bill Miller of Clarion, who retired in January after chairing the local party since 2004.

Joe will do a wonderful job,” Miller said. “He has been involved in the political process around Clarion and the state for many years. He has volunteered his time throughout this entire county in a nonpartisan way, and is well respected by everyone around here.”

Billotte urged local citizens to get involved with the political process. “Today’s news is littered with people expressing dissatisfaction with our government,” he said. “Rather than being a nameless complainer, get up and do something. Run for office.”

Billotte noted that a number of local positions will soon be up for election, including:

  • County Sheriff

  • County Coroner

  • Township Supervisor

  • Township Auditor

  • Borough Council

  • Tax Collector

  • School Board Members

  • Judge of Elections

  • Inspectors of Elections

“Be brave enough to show your hometown community that you care,” he said. “There is no better way express your point of view and have an impact upon your community.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the Clarion County Democratic Party is invited to call (724) 256-0800, go online at or write the party at: P.O. Box 809, Clarion, PA 16214.

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