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June 2017 State Committee

The Democratic Party of Clarion County was represented at the Pennsylvania Democratic Party State Committee by Committeewoman Peggy Lingwall as well as County Chairman Joe Billotte. You can find Committeewoman Peggy Lingwall's report here. The statewide judicial candidates were present at the meeting. Pictured from left to right are Judge Maria McLaughlin (Candidate for Superior Court), Marcel Groen (Chairman of PA Democratic Party), Judge Ellen Ceisler (Candidate for Commonwealth Court), Justice Debra Todd (Retention for PA Supreme Court), Judge Dwayne Woodruff (Candidate for PA Supreme Court), Judge Carolyn Nichols (Candidate for Superior Court), and Judge Geoff Moulton (Candidate for Superior Court).

At the meeting, Chairman Joe Billotte presented Governor Tom Wolf with a pin designed by the Democratic Party of Clarion County (pictured to the left).

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